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What is eBay/Amazon Arbitrage?

Amazon has over 10 Million items for sale. eBay has millions of daily buyers. Simply source items from Amazon and list them over on eBay. There is an art to this, which we show you in our videos. You will never be out of pocket (except for small listing fees). Once you make a sale (paid into your PayPal account), use your PayPal Debit Card to purchase the item on Amazon and drop-ship it directly to the eBay buyer!

Wash, rinse, repeat.

The possibilities are endless. The more you list, the more you sell, the more you profit!

Trackazon helps you protect those profits by automatically managing and tweaking all your eBay list prices to correspond with Amazon price fluctuations.

Drop Ship Automation!

Automatically adjust eBay prices if the Amazon supplier price changes (up or down)

Automatically pause your eBay listing if supplier stock runs low (no more bad feedback)

Simplify your shipping and relisting process to 2 clicks (no more confusing multi browser windows)

Manage everything from the eBay certified Trackazon application

Automatically have Trackazon login to your Amazon account and ship to your eBay buyer

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Buying from Amazon and Drop Ship Selling on eBay?

We track and monitor all of your eBay listing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. If the price changes on Amazon or if the item your selling goes out of stock, we'll automatically adjust your eBay listings for you so that you can be sure you're never in the hole and never sell an out of stock product!

Import Your eBay Listings

Trackazon can monitor your existing eBay listings just as easily as new ones. Import them all in a few seconds!

  1. Link your Trackazon account to your eBay account
  2. Click Import
  3. Connect your newly imported listings to your Amazon suppliers

Trackazon will now monitor, update and adjust your sale prices on eBay if your Amazon suppliers price changes. It will even put your eBay listings on hold automatically if your supplier runs low on stock!

Import eBay Listings

Manage Your Portfolio

Managing Your Portfolio

Although we've built Trackazon to monitor and manage your listings automatically for you, on occasions you may want to overide the default profit settings on an individual basis.

It's even possible that occasionally you won't want Trackazon to manage certain items. Whatever your needs Trackazon allows you to configure everything in our simple administration panel.

We've made everything 'point and click' simple!

Ship & Relist Sold Items

Trackazon not only monitors prices, it monitors your sales too. When an item sells on eBay all you need to do is login to your Trackazon account and follow the 3 step process...

  1. Click on the sold item
  2. Click the Amazon link which will take you directly to the product, simply purchase and ship the item. All of the purchasers details are also available to you via Trackazon.
  3. After you've shipped the item click 'Relist this item'
Ship & Relist Sold Items

Trackazon will automatically relist your item on eBay and begin monitoring your suppliers stock levels and price to ensure you can sleep more easily.

eBay Compatible Application

eBay Compatible Application

Trackazon is proud to display the eBay compatible application logo.

The eBay Compatible Application logo means the Trackazon application has passed the Compatible Application Check process to work directly with the eBay Platform.

The eBay Compatible logo is provided to members of the eBay Developers Program who have certified their applications for use with eBay Web Services.

Automated eBay Automated eBay Automated Amazon Automated Amazon
Trackazon automatically updates your sale prices based on your supplier price, so you'll never lose money again! Link your Amazon suppliers to your eBay listings to have Trackazon automatically do your work for you
Simplify your Drop Shipping Simplify your Drop Shipping Sleep More Soundly (zzz) Sleep More Soundly (zzz)
No more hunting through Amazon to find your supplier and ship your product. Enjoy FULLY AUTOMATED Amazon shipping to your eBay customer! No more nervous nights wondering if you'll wake up to a profit or a loss. You do the sleeping and Trackazon will do the working to make sure you never lose money.


Dear visitor:

We have good news and bad news...

So first the BAD news:

Trackazon can no longer accept any new members.

And now the GOOD news:

We have an even better solution for you in store... read on!

By way of background, Trackazon was inspired by an amazing training and money-making system called "DS Domination" (or "Drop Ship Domination").

The creators of Trackazon (Steve Dawson and Atticus Killough) realized that it was becoming pretty crazy to try and manage any more than about 10 or 20 listings, as taught by Roger Langille of DS Domination. This happened before DSD had unveiled their Amazon Price Tracker and Listings Integration.

Atticus, a web programmer with years of experience, immediately got to work. He developed a way to automatically manipulate eBay listings based on monitoring the corresponding Amazon listings and using eBay's API interface to change the corresponding eBay Item's price. After about 3 months of programming and testing, Trackazon was born.

As Trackazon grew in popularity we quickly recognized that there was a huge demand for our service in countries outside the USA. We immediately began researching how we might make that possible and during this time we stumbled on a small team of MIT whiz kids who had developed a similar system to Trackazon five years prior (who knew!?)

They had a very functional tool which they had been using privately for their own successful eBay Power Selling. Their system isn't pretty or quite so user-friendly as Trackazon (they are gear heads, not designers), but it is ROBUST and it works like a charm for medium- to enterprise-sized eBay sellers.

A couple of really cool things about their web site is:

  • They developed a way to automatically login to your Amazon account when you make an eBay sale and ship it out within 5 minutes of the eBay order coming through. This blew us away!

  • The ability to integrate with the UK version of Amazon as well as (the Canadian version of Amazon).

  • They actually let you upload a whole batch of Amazon URLs (or ASINs) en masse and their tool will automatically create an eBay listing for each Amazon Item on the fly, following a template you configure! The upload even filters out VeRO Participant Profiles to make sure you don't get dinged for trademark issues.

If you can't beat 'em... join 'em!

So rather than inventing the wheel, we decided to direct eBay entrepreneurs their way. Although that company is very selective about taking on new customers, they agreed to let us refer our existing customers to them. They set up your account manually and they review new customers on a first-come-first-served basis. By using the form below they promised us they would give you Priority Account Access

If you wish to have all of the features and benefits of Trackazon ... and MORE... then simply CLICK CREATE ACCOUNT HERE and they will be in touch with you and help you set up your own eBay / Amazon arbitrage account with them. We can promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Happy arbitraging!

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